the modern scrunchie

I have forever and always been charm obsessed. It all began when I saw my mom's charm bracelet. It was beautiful and filled with happy memories, each charm was its own symbol. My own charm and trinket collection has amassed over the years. So when I stumbled upon spiral hair ties I thought: I should cover this bad boy in bling! I decked it out in beads and buttons I had since childhood. I began wearing my creation as a hair tie some days and a bracelet other days.
My wonderful friends took interest and I started churnin them out for others. Hunting down the beads, assembling, and giving thought to each item has become my favorite creative outlet. I hope Charmed Fringe brings a smile to your face and fun to your hair!

I strive to make this a sustainable business. So, specific styles are made with vintage beads. Also, all packaging is from recycled materials that can be recycled yet again! Lets keep the world turnin people <3

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